About Us

In the summer of 2018, the concept of creating a Fall Spyder, Bike, and Trike Fest was a dream of a couple of folks in Central Florida after meeting in Anderson, South Carolina, for a similar event. After attending this event, Spyder Dave asked several of his friends about doing a 1-day event in Central Florida to benefit a charity organization called the Road Warrior Foundation. Dave knew from being in the motorcycle business for some time selling Can-Am On Road Products (aka Spyder and the soon to be Ryker) along with other products and being a military veteran himself, that folks are always willing to help another Brother in Arms and what better way to do that then to help Road Warrior Foundation.

Road Warrior Foundation was not only near and dear to Dave, but his friends as well. RWF (a 501c3 all volunteer charity) was founded by two Brothers in Arms looking to make a difference in the lives of soldiers who weren’t as lucky as they were. The mission of the foundation is simple, it provides adventures to military veterans by empowering them through challenges that honor their service. But like all 501c3 organizations they need help. So, in the fall of 2018, Dave and his friends kicked off a 1-day event (an Awareness Ride) to support the foundation. With the help of his Bosses at Seminole Power Sports (SPS) and the Owners of OB’s Restaurant and Lounge the birth of the Fall Spyder, Bike, and Trike Fest was underway. This 1-day event raised $xxxx.00 for the Foundation.

After a successful event in November of 2018, the fire was lit. In late March of 2019, fuel was stacked on to the kindling fire. The Road Warrior Foundation was starting one of their adventures from the Central Florida area. With the help of Dave, SPS and US Spyder Ryders, the Foundation had a launching point for their 5-day adventure from the SPS North location in Eustis, Florida. The foundation used the empty parking lot at SPS North for part of their training day activities to help the veterans embarking on this journey become acquainted with the Spyder.

March came to an end and the team saw first-hand the impact that Road Warrior Foundation had on these outstanding Veterans.  It became evident that there was no backing down now to help. In June of 2019, Dave reached out to his friends once again in US Spyder Ryders, SPS Spyder Ryders, his Store’s Owner Kirby Mullins at Seminole Power Sports, and the folks at OB’s Restaurant and pitched the idea of a 3-day rally. And the responds back was an overwhelmingly, “Let’s Do This” and the Fall Spyder, Bike, and Trike Fest was born. In late October, the assembled team accomplished what they set out to do and raised over $21,000.00 for the Foundation.

This October 2020, the team has their eye on the next prize. Which is a 4-day rally, the hopes of exceeding last years generous donation to the Foundation along with being the end point for the Foundations Fall Annual Ride. This is one event that you will not want to miss! We invite you to come and enjoy some Southern Hospitality…Florida Style, have some fun, do some good, and thank our outstanding veterans for giving some, so we can have the freedoms and liberties we have today.

Looking to understand more about the Road Warrior Foundation, please click this link to be directed to their official website.